Do you have an interview coming up and you are in need of a few tips to help you out? Well, you’ve come to the right place, not only do we have tips, but these tips are proven to work during an interview. If you follow all of these steps, you have a very high chance of getting hired.

1. Be Prepared

Being prepared is one of the most impressive things you can do when being interviewed. Employers like to see someone who can do their research and know what they are talking about. Preparing for interviews can be kinda scary, the whole being asked questions idea is stressful and if we’re being completely honest, not too fun. But if you take a day or two to sit down and get information on the company, the job, the hours, and have some answers for the questions you will most likely be asked. But in the end, when you look like you know what you’re doing, you will definitely impress the interviewer.

2. Be Confident

Being confident is vital to job interviews. It shows that you can make decisions without self doubt and can show leadership. If you aren’t the most confident person ever, no worries. Figure out how to boost up that confidence bar before the interview. But again keep in mind, you don’t want to come off as arrogant. Seem humble you were called to the interview but keep that confidence up, just remember that they called you because they thought you were impressive and worth a shot, don’t let them down!

3. Have Creative Answers

As you should know, interviews consist of a string of questions and answers. You could imagine that sometimes the questions and answers get a little repetitive. Make things a little interesting and simply be creative with your answers. This will make you seem more fun and you will definitely be in their head when you leave.

4. Be Memorable

This is very important to the interviewing process. Employers have to interview many possible workers constantly and at times it can get pretty dull. So make your interview the opposite of that! Now this doesn’t mean show up in some ridiculous outfit and crack a corny joke every 5 minutes. You see, find something in common with your interviewer and create a friendship during the interview. Make it so the interview isn’t a chore for the employer, make it a fun talk. Keep the conversation moving and try not to be bland and boring.

5. Work on Your Handshake

Handshakes are a very small aspect of the interview as a whole, but keep in mind that they are one of the very first things that the interviewer will notice about you. There are many types of handshakes, the death grip, the limp noodle, the sweaty palms, the list goes on. Make sure your handshake is on point when it’s time to use it. Your handshake should be firm but not overpowering. It lets the interviewer subconsciously know that they are in control. But above all, keep it simple and don’t overthink it.

6. Get a Good Night’s Rest

Have you ever stayed up so late studying and stressing over a test that was the very next day and when that day came, you were snappy, grumpy, your brain didn’t work as well and was this close to falling asleep on the train? Well school did teach you one thing, and that is if you want to function properly the next day, get a good night’s sleep. Get at least 9 hours so you are alert and focused in order to handle anything that is thrown your way.

7. Eat a Good Meal

Have you ever dealt with someone or you yourself been “hangry”? You know, so hungry that you start to get angry. If you ever had, you know it is not fun. So why would you put yourself in that situation when going into a job interview? Eat a nice healthy meal that will set you off right and put you in an interviewing mood. When you walk in the door with a full belly and a smile on your face, they will know you take care of yourself and can start the day off right. Also, you won’t be impatient or grumpy.

8. Dress Accordingly

When you walk in for an interview, the first impression you will give comes from how you dress. Now, of course, you don’t have to go for a full suit and tie or fancy dress, simply wear something that you are comfortable in and something that will show that you take care of yourself and you care about the job. For example, cover up tattoos and piercings, and don’t wear your T-shirt and jeans. Simply wear a nice jacket and some slacks if you want.

9. Body Language

When you sit down in the chair about to be asked a ton of questions, you may feel a little scared or intimidated. But don’t show it! People tend to close up when under pressure, for example, cross their arms, slouch, look at their feet. But don’t make those simple mistakes. Instead, sit upright, have a smile on your face, look them in the eyes. Stay confident and think to yourself “You got this!”.

10. Ask for the job

In the grand scheme of things, people forget this last silly little thing. Ask for the job, let them know that you really do want the job and you would be honored to work there. Now go out there and rock that interview!