When you think about your dream job, you probably think about what would that job entail. What would you do, what would your boss be like and what would your co-workers be like. You might imagine yourself in a nice office, but how special is that office space actually? Some companies took it a step further and really put some effort into how does their office space look like. You wouldn’t believe how creative can people get when it comes to creating an office space. We give you 15 examples of crazy awesome offices that you can find around the world.

1. Google-Ontario, Canada

2. Pallotta Teamworks – Los Angeles, USA

3. Inventionland – Pittsburgh

4. Autodesk- San Rafael, California

5. CustomInk-Fairfax, Virginia

6. Quicken Loans-Detroit

7. Salesforce-San Francisco, California

8. Leo Burnett-Moscow, Russia