So you’re late for work, again. It seems like you just can’t catch a break. Your boss seems mad, and you ran out of excuses. You try to think of something effective, but nothing pops to your mind. If you’re not feeling especially creative, don’t worry. We can help. We list you 30 great excuses you can use when you’re late for work. See which one works the best.

1. My dog ate all of my shoes. I had nothing to wear.

2. A fox got into my apartment, and I had to call pest control to chase the fox out.

3. I lost my keys, so I had to go all ‘mission impossible’ to get out of the building.

4. My watch is broken. And all of my clocks. And my phone was set on a different timezone.

5. A bear attacked my car. While I was in a car, on my way to work.

6. I had nothing to wear. You don’t want me to show up without any clothes, right?

7. I couldn’t find a parking space. I was driving in circles for an hour straight. Crazy, right?

8. My apartment got flooded.

9. I left the window open, and a flock of pigeons got into my apartment.

10. My apartment doesn’t have doors or windows, so I had to dig my way out of the building.

11. My sister’s best friend’s parrot died.

12. My sister’s best friend’s parrot died. Again. We thought it died yesterday, but we were mistaken. It died today. For real.

13. My sister’s best friend’s parrot died. Another parrot. She had two. Now she has none.

14. An evil squirrel stole my car keys. I tried to get a cab but no luck so I walked 11 miles to get here. Better late than never, right? *chuckles*

15. My shower didn’t work so I had to wash in a lake nearby.

16. I thought it was Saturday.

17. I thought it was a state holiday.

18. I didn’t have any clean socks so…. (put some plastic bags on your feet and wear them as socks, no one will mess with you after seeing that)

19. I forgot I work here.

20. My navigation lied to me, so I got lost on my way here. I think the government is out to get me.

21. I heard that there’s gonna be a nasty earthquake, so I didn’t want to take my chances.

22. I really didn’t feel like coming.

23. Am I really late? You know, time is relative, what does 9 o’clock ACTUALLY mean?

24. Sorry I’m late… That’s it, I don’t have anything better. *chuckles*

25. *Start singing Justin Bieber’s song* Is it too late now to say soooorrrryyy? (Hope they’re a fan)

26. Mars was aligned with Jupiter in a very bad way that’s harmful to all *insert your zodiac sign here* and you’re lucky I even showed up.

27. I honestly planned to come on time, but somehow I managed to be late again. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? *chuckles nervously*

28. I don’t understand the numbers on the clock, they’re so confusing to me.

29. My dog looked too sad, I couldn’t just leave her like that.

30. A song I really like started playing on the radio so I couldn’t just get out o the car, I had to wait until it finishes. And then they played another banger so I stayed for that as well. And then another 10 great tunes. But Bon Jovi really isn’t my cup of tea, so when they started playing Bon Jovi I left.

Of course, we don’t guarantee you won’t get fired after that. Maybe just try coming on time. Or, if your boss doesn’t believe you, take a picture of a bear attacking your car next time you’re late for work.