When you are sitting at the office, you’ll probably get stiff after a while. Your back hurts, your neck as well, you’re constantly fidgeting in order to find a more comfortable position, but still no luck. If you don’t do much exercise outside of work, you probably feel even worse. The most comfortable office chair can become unbearable if you’re sitting on it from 9 to 5. You might not be able to do the full work out session to stretch and get that blood flowing, but there are certain exercises that are somewhat low key. We give you 7 exercises you can do while you’re at work and make your work day a little bit easier.

1. Stretch your neck

Tilt your head towards your shoulder and keep it like that for a few seconds. Repeat the process with the other side as well. You must do this with relaxed shoulders, otherwise, you won’t get the full effect.

2. Stretch your shoulders

Make sure you are sitting right, with your back stretched. Relax and make circular motions with your shoulders. Be relaxed as much as you can while doing that, if you are stiff, you won’t do much with that exercise.

3. Take the stairs every time you get the chance

This one is a pretty obvious one, but a lot of people decide to disregard it either way. It is always easier to take the elevator, you’re probably not even thinking about it. But the benefits of doing this are enormous. A lot of muscles are involved in getting you up and down the stairs, and you are doing a great exercise without even realizing it. So next time you need to go to another floor, don’t be lazy and take the stairs instead.

4. Lift your legs

This is an exercise that is happening below your desk so no one will actually notice anything. While sitting in your chair,  lift one leg and straighten it, so it is parallel to the ground. Hold it like that for ten, fifteen seconds. Repeat it with your other leg. It will help you especially if your knees hurt from all the sitting that you’re doing.

5. Raise your calves

This is a great exercise if you are waiting for your meal to get heated up in the microwave. While you are standing there for a minute or two, lift your heels from the ground, being on your tip toes. Bring them down again, and then repeat the exercise.

6. Clench your muscles

This is one of the exercises you can do without anyone being able to notice anything, and you are actually doing something. This one goes for your abs and bottom. Clench your muscles and stay like that for ten to fifteen seconds. Then release, take a short break and repeat this procedure several times.

7. Stretch your arms and your back

This is probably something you’re doing already, but it is important to mention that it gives you a lot of benefits. And of course, if you are not doing it properly, you don’t get the full effect that you would get otherwise. The most important thing while stretching is that you are postured right and that you try to be as relaxed as you can.

Half of the pains you’re experiencing while sitting in a chair all day is probably because your posture isn’t right. This is something you should pay attention to. Bad posture can cause you a lot of problems, and half of the aches you’re experiencing can be avoided if you work on that. However, applying these exercises you can do while you’re at your job is definitely going to help you even more. Combine good posture with these exercises and you should be feeling much better.