A famous English poet, Joe Dryden, has a famous quote that goes “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”. There’s some truth to it. It’s not that uncommon that talented people aren’t as successful. The reason for that are their bad habits that keep dragging them down when it comes to their careers. They might seem harmless, but that’s the tricky part. You’re not even aware of how much problems they’re causing you. Here are some of the most common ones. Are you guilty of them?

1. Staring at your phone

These little devices are slowly taking over. There’s an app for almost everything that you can think of. Social media apps and different messengers are most addictive, and they keep us on our phones much more than we would like to admit. And everyone knows that you shouldn’t be on them while you’re working, but it is so damn hard to resist. But guess what, even though you think no one notices what you’re doing- you’re not that incognito. Bosses dislike seeing their employees spending their work time on their phones.

2. Speaking without thinking it through

We’ve all been in a situation when we’ve said something without thinking about the negative consequences it may have. But if you’re making a habit out of it, that’s not a good thing. Especially at work. This is the place where you need to extra careful about the things you say. Regardless if it’s something that may offend someone, accepting a task that’s too much for you, sharing something too personal- always think before you speak.

3. Bad attitude

Having a bad attitude might be at the top of the bad habits. If you’re always negative about everything, people will notice it. Everything starts with a right mindset. Your job can get ten times more pleasant if you adjust your attitude. The wrong attitude towards your job can bring so many complications. It is hard to be effective at work if you’ve decided to be negative about it, and not to forget that it can lead to possible conflicts with your coworkers (or even your boss).

4. Leaving your desk every 5 minutes

When you come to work, you’re there to do your job. Even if you love your job, there will be days when you will get bored and feel a lack of motivation. Everyone has days like this, but remember that you’re there to work. If you’re constantly trying to find a way to get away from your workplace/desk, be sure that people will notice. And in the end, your boss will notice this too. Don’t be roaming around the office trying to do random things that are not your job. And yes, chatting up other coworkers is definitely in this category. Being always present can sometimes seem difficult, but that’s why it is so appreciated.

5. Postponing work for tomorrow

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all done that. But this is one of the biggest traps you can set for yourself. You think it will be easier tomorrow, but it won’t. And it’s only a matter of time you’ll fall behind with your work. That will lead to stress, unfinished tasks, and other complications. It is really easy to make a habit out of it, but it is only a matter of time when it will blow up right in your face. Sometimes you do have a legit reason to finish something tomorrow, and that’s okay. But if your main reason is ‘not-feeling-like-it’, make yourself into doing it today. When tomorrow becomes today, you’ll be glad you did it yesterday.

We are all just a mixture of our good and bad habits. However, these bad habits can cast a shadow on our good qualities. Your workplace is definitely not a place where you would want this to happen. We might not even be aware that we’re doing these things. However, your coworkers and your boss surely do see all of them. It is okay to have a slip here and there, but keeping these bad habits will affect your career negatively. Make sure to avoid them. You want your co-workers and boss see you for your talent and hard work. Show them that you are more than your bad habits.