These workplaces are hiring!
Everyone wants peace of mind when it comes to their job. Unfortunately, employees sometimes find themselves high and dry in this economy. In hard times, there are no guarantees.

Thanks, to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Here are a few of what are expected to be highest-growing jobs between 2014-2024. Interested in a career change? Here are the top 5:

Ultrasound Technician

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More than 20,000 additional sonographer positions are predicted to be available by 2020. Entry level positions can be attained with an associate’s degree.

Event Planner

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More than 30,000 new event planner positions will be created by 2024. A degree is not required to go into this field, but great communication skills, time management, stress management, and problem-solving skills are.

Physical Therapy Assistant

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Physical Therapy Assistants help treat patients suffering from physical disabilities or injuries. More than 30,000 new jobs are expected to open up by 2020.

Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical engineers develop devices and processes that solve medical and health related issues. 9,500 new openings are expected for this profession.

Home Care Aide

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Home health and personal care aides help people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired. Bureau of Labor Statistics says more than 700,000 new jobs in this field will open up by 2020.