Once you get called up for an interview, you want to show up as your best self. There are some phrases that you may have heard and think about how great they are to be used in an interview, but that might not be the case. The job recruiters have heard all those cliché phrases, and the only effect you may achieve from that is their eyes rolling. You want to be original, so this is why you should avoid all the phrases that are overused.

1. “I’m a team player.”

This is one of the motherloads of clichés when it comes to job interviews. It’s understandable that every company wants people that are team players because together you can achieve great things. However, just laying the term team player at your job interview won’t get you anywhere. Rather than just saying this and waiting to see if it sticks, give them a real-life example that confirms your claim.

2. “My biggest weakness is being a perfectionist.”

This shows zero effort and creativity. No one’s biggest weakness is perfectionism, and job recruiters know it. Rather than using this cliché phrase, think about something that really was your weakness, but you managed to overcome it some way. Tell them a story that shows that you are aware of your shortcomings, but you know how to handle them. This will cause a much more positive reaction from the job recruiters than the made up story about perfectionism.

3. “Sometimes I work too much./I’m a hard worker.”

Even if that is the case, no one is going to believe you. People that are hard workers don’t tend to brag about it. If you really do work that hard, tell them about the results of your hard work. That way they can have something more concrete and can actually do something with the information you gave them. Telling them that you are always working your bum off isn’t going to impress them alone, so you need to have something to back that up.

4. “My biggest accomplishment is my family.”

Unless you were involved in a family business, this information really doesn’t mean anything to the job recruiters. It is nice that you have a family that you are proud of, but this is a job interview. They aren’t that interested in your personal matters. Think about accomplishments that are relevant to your career. Something where you had an opportunity to show your best qualities that are relevant to the job position you’re applying to. Family may be a good topic for chit-chat on a coffee break, but probably not for a job interview.

5. “I don’t have any questions.”

Not being able to think of any questions on your job interview shows your severe lack of interest. That means that you weren’t interested enough to inform yourself about the company and their goals, you didn’t even take the time to think about what would you like to know about them. Always have some questions prepared prior to the interview. This way, when you get the turn to ask something, you won’t go completely silent.

These are the cliché phrases that job recruiters hate to hear. The days where they were impressive are long gone, and if you want to really land a job you will need to have something more than just phrases that sound good but prove nothing. Be concrete, think of your own answers that really show what kind of person you are and show them that you came prepared. Every job recruiter will appreciate a well thought out answers that really demonstrate something concrete. Think about that and take your time to prepare for the interview, so you can pass with flying colors.