Summer is approaching, and everyone’s craving for vacation. Maybe you would like to travel somewhere, but your finances don’t allow it. Many people struggle with this but don’t fall into despair because there are ways that you could make more money and save up for that vacation that you deserve.  Stick with us as we list 5 side gigs that might help you to finally go on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Lyft Driver

If you’re a good driver and enjoy the rode, this is a perfect side gig for you. If you would like to go on vacation but don’t have a car, Lyft’s got you covered. Regardless if you have a car or not, you can still make money by driving for Lyft. If Lyft loans you a car, all you need to do is take a few rides extra, and you covered your part of the deal.

2. Uber Driver

This is another driving opportunity for those who love the road. Uber went through a rough patch, but they are proud to announce that they are turning a new leaf and offering a better service to their customers and drivers as well. With their new application, new reward system and better communication, being an Uber driver doesn’t seem half bad.

3. Jobs2Shop

If you’re not keen on driving, we have a different suggestion for you. You can make money while being online. You are helping marketing companies with giving your opinion on different brand through surveys. While you’re craving for a vacation, you can sit on your computer and actually make some money to finally afford it. Not too shabby, right?

4. Survey Voices

Survey voices is another company that pays you for your input on certain products. They collaborate with major brands like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon, Macy’s, etc. You are reviewing products and getting paid for it. All of that from the comfort of your own home. Pretty neat.

5. Remote Transcriber

If we still didn’t win you over, how about some typing gig? Are you a fast and accurate typer? This might be a gig for you. To make it even more enticing, you can make up to $40 an audio per hour, with the possibility of a raise. The minimum you need to complete is 3 audio hours per week. Your task is to transcribe the audio verbatim.

We hope that between craving for vacation and these 5 gigs you found something for yourself.