Another year is behind us and people are making all kinds of surveys. We are presented with all kinds of analytics regarding the year that we’ve been through. Glassdoor put together a list of 25 jobs that are highest paid jobs in the US in the previous year. Some of them aren’t that much of a surprise, but some of them just might be.


1. Physician
$187,876 Median Base Salary

2. Pharmacy Manager
$149,064 Median Base Salary

3. Patent Attorney
$139,272 Median Base Salary

4. Medical Science Liaison
$132,842 Median Base Salary

5. Pharmacist
$125,847 Median Base Salary

6. Enterprise Architect
$112,560 Median Base Salary

7. Physician Assistant
$112,529 Median Base Salary

8. Applications Development Manager
$112,045 Median Base Salary

9. R&D Manager
$111,905 Median Base Salary

10. Corporate Controller
$110,855 Median Base Salary

11. Software Engineering Manager
$109,350 Median Base Salary

12. IT Architect
$105,303 Median Base Salary

13. Software Architect
$104,754 Median Base Salary

14. Nurse Practitioner
$104,144 Median Base Salary

15. Solutions Architect
$102,678 Median Base Salary

16. Data Architect
$102,091 Median Base Salary

17. Actuary
$99,507 Median Base Salary

18. IT Program Manager
$98,883 Median Base Salary

19. UX Manager
$98,353 Median Base Salary

20. Systems Architect
$97,873 Median Base Salary

21. Plant Manager
$97,189 Median Base Salary

22. Scrum Master
$95,167 Median Base Salary

23. Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
$94,862 Median Base Salary

24. Nuclear Engineer
$94,852 Median Base Salary

25. Attorney
$94,695 Median Base Salary

Those are the highest paid jobs in the US for the year that is behind us. The times are changing and the jobs that used to be very popular in the past, aren’t as popular today. Other jobs are new because there was a hole in the market and a need for new occupation. As the trends are constantly changing, the jobs are changing as well. The payment for these jobs as well. It will be interesting to continue to track these data and compare them in ten or fifteen years. Some of the jobs that were fresh today will probably be forgotten, and some of the jobs we could never think of will be a completely normal thing.