Having a job is something most of us strive for. However, there are all kinds of jobs. Some are really awesome, where you feel appreciated. On the other hand, there are jobs where every day feels like an agony and you eventually come to the point where you just can’t take it anymore. We bring you some of the Reddit’s most interesting “I quit” stories that will make you feel things.


Meanwhile_In_Georgia, Reddit

It was black Friday, and I and most of my coworkers were manning cash registers in a totally packed store. This kid pulled his pants down and had diarrhea while walking down the main aisle.

My boss ordered Tommy, my coworker with Down’s syndrome, to clean it up. When my friend saw Tommy attempting to clean it, she left her register and went to help him. My boss started yelling at her, she started yelling at him and called him a son of a b***. By this time the customers were all staring, shocked, in total silence.

I and the rest of my coworkers left our registers, got Tommy, and walked out. We waited outside until Tommy’s mom came and picked him up, then we all left.

The boss was fired, but the boss’s boss wouldn’t let us come back because we all walked out. They ended up replacing every member of the staff except Tommy during the busiest time of year.

AtTheEolian, Reddit

I had a full-time job but took a part-time job on the weekends at the kiosk in the mall. I got there hours before we opened to stock and clean, and got done in time to read the new “store memos” that came out that week. The store (and the mall) still hadn’t opened, so I sat down on the floor to read. I put away the binder and was ready long before the mall opened.

Someone at another kiosk told on me to my 19-year-old boss, because they heard that employees were not allowed to sit. She took me outside and gave me a 15 minute lecture about “responsibility” and told me she was having a hard time deciding between putting me on probation/writing me up and firing me.

So I saved her the trouble and quit.

togro20, Reddit

I work in the restaurant business. A few months back, a new server had just started working there, and had been there about a month. Usually a chipper gal, everyone took notice that she wasn’t her usual self that night.

My manager, David, ever the joker, casually asked her “What’s the matter, Casie? Did your dad die?” (David is a fun person, but after he gets comfortable with someone, his humor can be a little dark).

Casie immediately teared up and walked right out. Never came back, left her five table section without a server. Turns out her dad was diagnosed with some kind of cancer that day.

Not the most interesting “I quit!” reaction, but she left without a word.

Francophonetic , Reddit

Worked as a telemarketer selling magazine subscriptions. During the third week, I got this old lady on the phone and she wanted to keep talking because I sounded like her son. She was really sad because apparently nobody lives around her. They got angry that I didn’t try to upsell her because she was clearly vulnerable. I just walked out. Didn’t say anything. Just left.

tehtonym, Reddit

I worked at a factory once and ended up being investigated for murder.

Worked there for 6 hours, and was being berated by the foreman the whole time. He was constantly asking if I was retarded or just didn’t like earning my pay. This being my first day, and first time ever working production, I didn’t understand what his problem was.

6 hours into my shift I decided I’d had enough, and told him I quit. He shoved me and threatened to kick my a** if I didn’t get back on the line. I kept walking, which really put him over the edge I guess, so he grabbed my collar and spun me around. Having a bit of a temper I shoved him off me and said I would kill him if he touched me again, and walked off.

He was found murdered two nights later, and some of the other workers said they’d heard me threaten to kill him. Luckily his wife confessed to his murder after my initial questioning.