Established in 2000, Inbox Dollars is a firm that pays millions of people for various online activities (taking surveys, reading emails, consumer opinions etc.) So what’s the scoop? Can I make some legitimate cash this way or am I tricked into wasting my time? Here is our conclusion:

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Rewarding, Free And Simple Sign Up Procedure

The easiest $5 bonus you will ever earn, it the money you get just by creating your Inbox Dollars account. It is the simplest thing to do and it’s over in just a couple of seconds.

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Trustworthy Payments

We are all sticklers when it comes to receiving payments on time. Inbox Dollars has an enormous history of successful payouts and there are dozen thousands of positive user reviews online.

The only problem, if we can call it that, is that you need a minimum of $30 to request a payment.

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One Of A Kind Earning Methods

There is no such thing as boring in earning cash with Inbox Dollars. Completing consumer surveys is not your only option for cashing in. You can choose from reading emails, signing up for corporate offers, and even browse the internet and watch 30-second promotional videos.

Refer your friends, sign them up and earn a bonus $5! The best thing about it is that you will earn a 10% commission on what they earn as well.

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Survey Qualification

You can get disqualified from surveys. This is where most of the people get confused and start to question the quality of the site. Qualification for surveys is based on the how legitimate the information you enter is into the pre-qualification questions. Inbox Dollars only wants serious consideration into their questions. But remember, surveys are not your only option of cashing in.

Simply put,

Inbox Dollars is not a “get rich quick” scheme but is a LEGIT and very reliable way to help supplement your current income. Scams don’t exist for 10 years and the site would not have survived for so long if it unethical. Follow the rules of this site and you will not have a problem at all.

Make the most out of this opportunity.