We’re all familiar with that paradox where in order to get a job, you are required to have prior experience. In order to get the experience, you need the job. And it is a frustrating game, but it is reasonable that job recruiters want someone experienced. Is your lack of experience making you frustrated? There are ways to go round it. If you leave a good enough impression, you might land that job.

lack of experience

1. Learn new skills

Work on your skills, and learn some new ones. It is not always about the experience, sometimes you can learn something on your own that will make a great addition to your resume when you list all the skills that you can brag about. If you know some unique skills that might be beneficial for the job position you’re applying to, you can get ahead of all other people who have experience as their main asset for the role. Your lack of experience will be irrelevant in that case.

2. Work on your resume

Your resume is credited for being called up for an interview. Your resume must be compelling enough to catch the job recruiters’ eye. Take some time to study the job listing. Take a different approach, if you were the job recruiter, what would you want to see in a resume of an applicant? Once you think about it carefully, make your resume match that. Believe that a meticulously written resume is very different from the generic one that you can find sampled on every other website.

3. “Tell us about yourself.”

Oh, the dreaded question. It seems like this was a big discussion topic since the beginning of the time, and people in caves were illustrating a successful elevator pitch. Everyone knows that when you get asked that question, it’s showtime. You need to sell yourself, make them want to work with you. Don’t leave this to pure lack and your art of improvisation. Prepare well because you need to ace that bit of an interview. This is the part where you make them see you as intriguing, capable and just to generally like you.

4. Network

Knowing the right people will help you advance in your career immensely. Social media is a great way to reach out and get to know people much easier than before. Also, go on LinkedIn and connect with people from a company you’re interested in. The Internet made everything so accessible to us. You can get information about the company workers and see the profile of people they’re hiring. Get yourself out there and work on your connections.

5. Be assertive

When the job recruiters meet you, you need to ooze confidence. Don’t let your insecurities get in your head. Work on your body language, and show up as the best version of yourself. If you don’t seem confident about yourself and your work, how can you make the job recruiters believe you’re suited for the job? They want someone competent, and it is your job to make them believe that you’re cut out for that.

If you’re practicing these 5 things, your odds to get the job are much higher. Sometimes it really isn’t about the experience, but the qualities you bring to the table. Make sure you work on yourself and that you concentrate on your goal. Remember, all these people that you see working various jobs were once inexperienced.