Going to a job interview is no child’s play. The pressure is significant because the interview is often your ‘make it or break it’ moment. That results in you being extra nervous, and regardless of your preparedness, it seems that you blew it. You thought you are going to do well, ooze confidence and assertiveness, but that did not happen. The only thing you’re confident about at the moment is you not getting the job. Having a bad interview is something that definitely gets to you, but the world doesn’t end for you there. Take it as a learning experience.

Get it on a paper

So you are going through this bad interview over and over again in your head. Maybe you find it difficult to pinpoint the moment when it all went downhill. Your head is probably buzzing with all the afterthoughts. Making anything out of that chaos is difficult. Take a pen and some paper, sit down and write down everything. How you felt, what you did, what they did, what you said, what they said, etc. Once you have it in writing, the visual representation of that event might make it easier for you to figure out what actually happened.

Ask your friends for their opinion

Staying impartial and trying to analyze the situation objectively may be hard. After all, you’re the one that went through that misery. Asking your friends for their input on the whole case may be a wise decision. It will look different through their eyes. They can help you figure out where you did a mistake in the interview. You can give them the paper with all the notes you made about the whole shenanigans.

Show gratitude

‘Thank you’ notes aren’t just for the interviews that went perfectly satisfying. Send a ‘thank you’ note after every interview, including your bad interview as well. This might be the chance for you to explain yourself and the possible faux pas you’re accountable for. This note might get you back in the race, you never know. Either way, you have nothing to lose by sending it.

Think about the things you did right

You were called up for an interview- that’s already an accomplishment on its own. It’s impossible that you did every single thing wrong. Think about things that you did right. These are the things you’ll want to repeat in your next interview. Another pro is that you’ll feel better remembering that you didn’t do all that bad.

Don’t beat yourself up

Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Nothing good will come out of frustrating and feeling incompetent. Go easy on yourself. It’s not unusual to mess up an interview every now and then, things like that happen. You can sit and cry about it, or you can take it as a learning experience. Being too strict with yourself will result in you being too nervous when the next chance appears. Be grateful for the opportunity, learn something from it and keep going further. Now, you are wiser and more experienced. One bad interview doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t define your career.