What is your job hunting strategy? Do you have one? People are thinking of different ways to stand out from the crowd every day. They want the job recruiters to notice and remember them. Sure, it’s a good thing to be noticed, but you want to be careful about what you get noticed for. Your main goal is to look as professional as you can; so every approach that may be considered as somewhat unorthodox may be a risky business. Sometimes taking a risk pays off, but there are certain risks you shouldn’t take when you’re searching for a job.

1. Your resume has a lot of unnecessary information

You might think that the more, the merrier rule work when it comes to your resume. Once a job recruiter gets your resume, there is no need for a heartfelt story how you gained certain skills in your childhood because you were a resourceful kid. You may think that details like that will make it more personal for the recruiters and you will gain some point that way, but you’re wrong. It just seems unprofessional and it is unnecessary. Keep it simple and write the important information that will actually be useful for them.

2. You’re being ‘too creative’ with your resume

Again, this may come from the desire to stand out, but your resume is no kids play. You want to be professional. Many people have the idea of writing their resume on a t-shirt. It may sound like a great idea at first, but trust us when we say it will make people cringe at least. You can’t be walking around with a ‘hire me’ shirt with your resume on it. Chances are people that should actually get to see your resume won’t be the people you meet on the streets. What are the chances of you running into a job recruiter that is looking for someone with your qualifications? Even if that happens, they probably won’t hire that person with hire me t-shirt. They will keep on looking for someone who is more serious and professional.

3. You take ‘honesty is the best policy’ thing too far

Of course, lying in your resume or cover letter won’t get you anywhere, but you need to know some boundaries. Don’t write in your cover letter that your main motivation for the job is the money and that you really need it. The fact is that your potential employer already knows that, and many people are in the same situation as you are. Don’t go overboard with your honesty. The same goes for being too honest when it comes to why you stopped working for your previous company. Regardless if they did you wrong or not, keep it professional and don’t give too many details.

If you are using this approach when it comes to your job hunting strategy, you might consider changing it up because we assume that it hasn’t brought you too much success. It is not easy to get noticed among numerous job applicants and it is understandable that you’re trying to figure out the best way to do it, but above-mentioned strategies definitely aren’t the way to go. You can still be creative, but pay attention to the way you’re expressing your creativity.