Formal education in life is always a plus, but it’s not a necessity. Don’t get me wrong, school is important. But out there, on the job market, many managers are past hiring people for the sheet of paper from a certain school. A degree doesn’t always guarantee competence. Even though it is reassuring and it definitely means you have some prior knowledge, passion is what comes first. Many people who felt passionate about a certain field taught themselves required skills for a job and now qualify for that job more than someone with a degree, but no passion. Many people see the lack of formal education as an obstacle in life, but it doesn’t have to be like that. We list you 5 skills to help you find a high in-demand job, and you can learn them on your own.

1. Web design

There’s plenty material online where you can learn from. This is best learned through practice. If you’re interested in this field, all you need is a little curiosity, dedication, and passion. Take some time to search for the tutorials, start simple and build from that. Your potential employer will be much more interested in what you can actually do than what a sheet of paper says that you can.

2. SEO

Again, this is where the Internet can educate you on the matter. Many people see SEO optimizing as just putting random words in different places on websites, along with acquiring backlinks, but it is much more than that. SEO experts bring the traffic to a website, and many companies need their services. This is why this can be a very lucrative business.

3. Nails/Makeup

Aestheticism has become very important in these days and people are going to go that extra mile to make sure they look good. That’s precisely why the beauty industry is blooming. People are constantly finding new ways how to make themselves look even better, and even more people are interested in the services they offer.

4. Photography

Of course, you need to have an eye for photography, but there’s a lot of useful tips and tricks you can find online that can make everyone from an okay photographer to extraordinary photographer. You can make an Instagram account to promote your work, and with time, people might start contacting you to be the photographer for the important days and events in their life that they want to remember. From one recommendation to another, and you find yourself in the business.

5. Copywriting

If you like to write, why not fund it? Companies are hiring copywriters that will actively work on their blogs, promoting them in posts and coming up with different content they’ll use in their business. You just need to learn some technicalities, and the rest comes with practice. Fund your love for words.

These are the 5 hard skills can help you find a high in-demand job that doesn’t require a degree. Everyone can do it if they put their heart and mind into it, it’s all about how much you’re willing to invest your time into learning new stuff, and how thorough you’ll be.