Searching for a job is a process that can last for a while. Sometimes, you’ll get a lot of NOs before you get your YES. It can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t get a response, and even when you get it, it’s a negative one. It is discouraging, and that’s the reason why many people dread about the process. However, the way you feel about the whole process is under your control. Your attitude has the biggest impact on the experience. If you feel like you’re sinking lower and lower, find it troubling to motivate yourself, there are things you can do to stop yourself from going to that dark place of desperation. Here’s how.

1. Start your day right

This doesn’t come as a surprise because a lot of things depend on how you start your day. You might be tempted to sleep in, but resist that urge. You don’t have to get up at 5am (unless that’s your thing), but it’s not advisable to get up at 12 o’clock either. Get up at the time you would if you had a job. That way you have a whole day ahead of you, organize it well so you can really seize the day the best way you can.

2. Organize

Make your search for a new job systematic. Good organization is often the key to every success, and your job search is no exception. Decide on how you want to do things and write that down. Put a tick on every task you do. Keep track of every job listing you applied to. That way you’ll know how productive you were, what is left to do, etc. Being well organized gives you a feeling of control, and that is encouraging when you’re on your job hunting adventure.

3. Set daily goals

It is unrealistic to expect that you will find a job within a day. Celebrate small victories. Set a new goal each day. That way you won’t feel like you’ve fallen into a rut. Having a concrete goal for the day will keep your motivation high. Of course, be realistic with your goals. You will feel good each day because you’ll know you’ve accomplished something. If you don’t have a daily goal, your day could feel like it has no purpose. Now that’s a downward spiral you don’t want to be in.

4. Work on your skills

While you’re at it, why not try and learn a new skill? The time you spend learning something is never wasted time. Learning something new means that you’re growing, becoming better at something and no one can take that away from you. New skills are useful by default, but that new skill could be the determining factor whether you get the job or not. And you never know, it might even open a new career path for you.

5. Don’t go overboard

Finding a job should be in your focus, but don’t make everything about that. Otherwise, it may feel overwhelming. Go on with your daily tasks, do something you enjoy and don’t forget to have fun. This may be a period where you can reinvent yourself, learn some new things about yourself and acquire some new skills. If you feel like you’re trapped inside of your mission to find a job- you’re probably doing it wrong. If finding a job is the only thing that’s on your mind, it will soon become a dreadful task.

6. Network

Considering that a lot of employers nowadays hire through referrals, it is advisable to network. You don’t need to know all of the CEOs in the industry, sometimes another job hunter can be a useful connection for your next employment. There’s always someone that knows somebody else who heard about a job. Sometimes one might get a job and then find out they need another worker for a role that is perfect for you. Socialize, and of course, be ready to help others as well.

7. Volunteer

There are numerous reasons why volunteering is very useful when it comes to finding a new job. First thing, you’re doing something useful and keeping yourself occupied. Another thing is that volunteering looks really neat on your resume. Every employer likes to see that their potential employee isn’t hesitant when it comes to volunteer work. The third upside is that you’re very likely to learn something new that will come in handy in the future. The only downside is that you’re not getting paid for your work but look at it as an investment for your future. It will very likely pay off.

Searching for a new job probably isn’t on top of anyone’s favorite list, but it doesn’t have to be on top of your most hated list either. A lot of it depends on your attitude. Work on things that are under your control, keep the optimism going and don’t get discouraged if you get turned down. The right fit will come along.