When it comes to writing your resume, you want to make a resume that will stand out. In most cases, it is the reason you’re being asked to come in for an interview. Job recruiters have seen a lot of resumes, and certain things make their eyes bleed once they read it. You might think that the more, the merrier policy is a good solution when it comes to writing your resume. Surprise- it isn’t.

These are the things you should consider leaving out of your resume:

1. Language you barely speak

If you took a Spanish class for a year while you were in high school and the only thing you know to say is “Televisia presenta“, maybe leave this one out of your resume. What can job recruiters make out of your skill that you’re not actually good at? Writing down that you know a language when you can barely form two simple sentences isn’t a good idea. If you can really put to a good use the knowledge you have, do mention it in a resume. However, if you don’t know a language that good, the best idea would be not to mention it.

2. Social media manager if you only managed your own accounts

Many people have profiles on social media, but it doesn’t make them social media managers. Everyone with a phone and wifi connection can create an account on a social media platform, it doesn’t require a special skill. If you don’t have experience in managing social media accounts that were job-related, this isn’t something that you should write down on your resume. It takes a lot more than posting pictures and writing down funny status updates.

3. Writing down irrelevant skills

If you are applying for a job in IT industry, it’s probably irrelevant that you were once awarded office lunch expert. It’s commendable that you are a good cook, but hiring managers in IT field can’t make much out of that information. Write down skills that can be used in a job you’re applying for. If you are writing down your soft skills, make sure you have concrete examples that back them up. Everyone can claim to have a particular skill set, but once you provide an example where you demonstrated a specific skill, it changes the story entirely.

4. Lying on your resume

This one goes without saying, but people still do it. You might think that it’s just a white lie, and you’ll get away with it, but it might not be the case. There’s a possibility that you’ll be asked to do something, and you’ll have no idea how to do. You’ll find yourself in a pickle, and it may lead your superiors to question every single thing that is on your resume.

These four things are the biggest pet peeves that job recruiters report. Some of these things are pretty straightforward, and even though you might think that no one even does that anymore- you’d be surprised. Having a good resume is one of the critical factors to landing a job you’ve hoped for. Don’t let that job slip away just because your resume ruined your chances.