After going through the long job hunting process, you finally got your opportunity. You’re super excited, and also a little bit nervous. That’s normal. Many people are excited when it comes to their first day of work at a new place. You wonder what the people are going to be like, how are you all going to get along, what is your boss going to be like, etc. You must have done something right if you were the chosen one for the job, but can you maintain being that person that they saw in you?

You might start overthinking everything because you want everyone to think the best of you, but you don’t want to come off as a try-too-hard. You just need to be yourself. But some people might go overboard and start off by being too relaxed. We give you 10 things you should never do on your first day of work.

  1. Come to work drunk– yes, there are people that do that. They think they’ll sip just a little bit to take off the edge, but then they just show up to work tipsy, smelling of liqueur.
  2. Dress inappropriately– you can’t come to your first day of work in sweats (unless you’re a P.E. teacher, in that case, it’s okay). You can’t show up in a revealing outfit as well. No matter how casual the dress code might be, there are still some boundaries that you should respect.
  3. Spend your whole day chit-chatting– you probably want to get to know people you work with, but there’s time for that. You can’t come to work and do nothing productively because you were too busy getting to know everyone.
  4. Pick a fight with someone– it’s possible that on your very first day you meet someone you dislike. Keep things professional and avoid any kind of confrontation, you don’t want a reputation of someone who got in a fight the very first day they work there.
  5. Overshare– maybe you’re going through some tough times in your life, but don’t share that with your coworkers the day you meet them. Build relationships gradually and based on that decide who is reliable enough to know your personal business (if there is anyone you trust enough).
  6. Ignore everyone– another thing that you don’t want to do is dig in your work and ignore everyone else that’s at your workplace. Introduce yourself to these people and have a casual conversation. If you don’t say a word to anyone for the entire day, they’ll probably find you strange.
  7. Be late– you should never be late, but being late on your first day of work is probably the special kind of bad. Never be late on your first day of work.
  8. Spend the entire day on your phone– this is bad generally as you’re not paid to be chatting with your friends on your phone or play Candy Crush, but if that’s what you do on your first day, everyone will realize that hiring you maybe wasn’t that great idea.
  9. Being too stubborn– you might come to work, and people might show you how things are done at that company, but some people can be stubborn and reject any kind of advice “No, I used to do it the other way/ I don’t need help, I’ll do it on my own” etc. Being confident about your work is one thing, but being stubborn and rejecting any kind of suggestion will take you nowhere, fast.
  10. Being 100% co-dependent– it’s okay not to be sure how everything works and ask people for help, but being unable to do anything on your own is another extreme that is not doing you any favors in your career.

Steer clear from these 10 mistakes on your first day of work if you care about your job and your work reputation. Don’t worry too much, but have some sense of boundaries. There is a fine line between being yourself, feeling relaxed and getting too relaxed and sloppy. Remember that you came there to work, so keep your eyes on the prize and act accordingly. Be nice to everyone and welcome their advice, but don’t depend on them. Just do your best and people will appreciate your efforts.