Searching for a soulmate is very similar to searching for a dream job. Both are part of a long and dreadful process, you do have some fun along the way, but you just want to find that one that will be your perfect match. In the digital era, searching for a job is often happening behind the screen. So is searching for a soulmate. Typing, swiping is all part of the process where you hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Can you draw a parallel between the job hunt and Tinder swiping? We definitely can, and here’s how.

You are trying to show your best self

You know that moment when you wake up, haven’t even washed your face yet, your hair is a mess, your breath could be used as cockroach-killing spray? It’s definitely not a version of yourself that you’d like anyone to see, so it’s safe to say that you won’t be posting selfies like that on your Tinder profile.

And you know that moment when you don’t feel like doing anything so you just sit on the couch, binge-watching your favorite show, eating chips and not showering until the next day? Well, it’s pretty certain you won’t write that in your resume (I’m very good at being a couch potato while watching TV the entire day). Heck no, you want them to see you at your best. You put up a picture where you look good, and you write all your good qualities on your resume.

You might bend the truth just a little

The picture where the dog is obediently following your instruction to sit shows off your inner “alpha” characteristics. It doesn’t matter that you rehearsed half an hour for that picture, and your dog doesn’t give a damn for your commands because it has a mind of its own. Or when you post a picture with a face full of no-makeup makeup, with the “woke up like this” caption.

The same thing is writing on your resume that you are a team player when you know that you would rather get shot in the knee than accept someone’s suggestion on “bettering” your idea. You are trying to make yourself the most desirable candidate by showing them what they want to see.

You feel like you’re overqualified or underqualified

Seems like you can never find your match. If you find something you like, seems like they are not interested. If they show interest, you are way out of their league. You really want that cute guy/girl from Tinder to swipe right on you, but they never seem to a part of the crowd that is swiping right.

It’s the same when you apply for the job that you really, really wanted. You never get a reply from them. You’re feeling bummed because you wanted that job so much and you polished up your resume and everything. Of course, there might be that other job, but it’s not nearly as good as the first one. It’s kind of frustrating.

People have had the same problem for centuries- how to make someone we like, like us back? Regardless if it’s in a romantic, business or some third way.

You realize you weren’t the only one bending the truth

So you finally go to your date and realize that Joe was probably standing on his toes everytime he took a picture because he’s barely your height when you’re wearing heels, even though his Tinder bio says he’s 6’1. Your picture with the dog doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore, does it? The same goes when you find that great job opening online, and get called up for an interview.

After a while, you realize that the benefits that they wrote down couldn’t be further from the truth and you start to think about what are you doing here in the first place? Should you be polite enough and sit through the whole thing or just stand up and go home to your dog who’s patiently waiting for your return?

Even if you didn’t get what you bargained for, you go for it because you feel like you’re desperate enough

Let’s be honest, we’ve all hooked up with someone for an ego boost at least once in our lives. You don’t like them as much, but you could use some attention and it would be nice if someone would feed your ego just a little bit. The similar thing happens with jobs- sometimes you just need a financial boost because you’ve found yourself in a financial hardship. You’ll mop floors if you have to, just to get some cash flowing.

You’re saying to yourself- it’s just for the night, it’s not like we’re gonna get married and start a life together. This is just a temporary job, it’s not a career. That’s true, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It can be really tiring

We hear you. If there’s one thing that everyone craves- that’s love and stability. The problem is that those are one of the most precious things in life and that’s why they don’t come so easy. It is frustrating that the most coveted things are the things that sometimes seem so impossible to achieve. People are social, emotional creatures- this is why we need love. Some might say that they don’t, but we all know that they do. Everyone does.

Stability is another, equally important thing. Financial stability is the kind of stability I’m concentrating on at the moment. When you have a job that you love, and it is paid well, you are satisfied. You feel like you have balance in life.

The perfect balance would be to have it both. If you don’t have love, the money you have can’t make you happy. If you have love and no money, your love probably won’t last because you can’t nurture a relationship while struggling to make ends meet.

But remember, it’s possible to have both. Good things in life take time, and you need to work for them. Just because it’s not happening right now, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at all.

And once it happens, it’s the best feeling ever.