After a bit of a”rough patch” period for Uber, they’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. Uber is heading in a new direction, and they have released a new campaign to confirm it. Regardless of their scandals, Uber is still the dominant ride-sharing company. And they’ve decided to justify that fact.

1. Listening more

According to Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, they’ve decided to improve the quality of their rides, increase safety and make pickups easier. Their new and improved policy is based on listening what riders and drivers have to say, in order to make the experience better for both parties.

2. New Leadership

To show their dedication, Uber decided to really roll up their sleeves. They have a new leadership team and a new culture.

3. Better Rides

The goal is to make rides a pleasant experience, both for drivers and passengers. If a passenger is feeling satisfied with the ride, they will have the opportunity to praise the driver in real time. Uber recognizes the importance of excellent service, and they plan on taking passenger’s experience into account when identifying ‘top-quality drivers’.

4. New App

To make the job easier for the drivers, Uber is launching a new driving app. This app should be more practical for drivers, which will reflect on the passenger’s experience as well.


5. Safer Rides

Uber is doing everything in their power to make the rides safer than ever. They are introducing a new feature on their app, which enables you to share all the information with your trusted contacts. That way you can keep your loved ones posted about your whereabouts. In addition, calling 911 has never been easier than now. Even though you should never be in a situation where you should call 911 while driving in UBer, accidents can still happen. Uber decided to take care of that as well. They will include a button that will connect you directly with 911.

Seems like Uber really did their homework, making the experience better both for drivers and passengers. No matter if your position is behind the steering wheel or in the backseat, we’re pretty sure you’re pretty stoked about this news.