Many people get a new workplace injury every day. It is unfortunate, but it happens nevertheless. The problem is that many people don’t know what to do when something like that happens, and that’s when things get complicated. Wherever you may be working, it can happen to you too. The important thing is to know what to do if you find yourself in a situation like that.

workplace injury infographic

1. Report the injury

First thing’s first, when you are hurt at work, report the workplace injury immediately. The sooner your supervisor knows about your injury, the less complication you are likely to have. In case your injury is something that is developing gradually, report it as soon as you notice the injury and the fact that it is caused by work. If you postpone reporting the injury for more than 30 days, you might lose all the benefits you’d otherwise be entitled to.

2. See a doctor

If you are in need of urgent medical attention, call 911 or go to the emergency. You have the right to be treated for your injury. You may ask for a doctor that has been chosen by your employer, or you could go to your regular doctor if you previously discussed it with your employer. It is possible that your employer insists on you going to the company’s doctor because they trust them. You should have no problem trusting them either because they have to be approved by state Division of Workers’ Compensation.

3. File a claim form

This step is for you to protect your rights and start the workers’ compensation process. Your employer is obligated to give you a claim form within one working day after finding out about your workplace injury. Fill out the employee part, write down the date and sign it. Afterwards, send it to your employer to fill out their part. Keep the copy of the form for yourself. It would be the best if you can hand it to them personally, but if you have to mail it to them, use certified mail with the return receipt. This way you are protected because you will get the information of the date when it was sent and the date when it was received.

So, you did all of these steps. Now, two things can happen: